Best Virtual Private Server

If you are looking for great VPS hosting services, then finding out which are the best Virtual Private Servers out there is a sure way to start. A Virtual Private Server manages to combine shared and dedicated hosting features in a great, more affordable package. There are lots of amazing benefits, for example you will be able to have fewer websites per server, not to mention your website has its own resources, which is great. Being able to keep the costs low while also getting faster speeds is amazing, and it shows the tremendous value of Virtual Private Server hosting, which is why you have to check it out. But which are the best Virtual Private Server hosting you can use? There are many of them, but here are some of the best.

The first best Virtual Private Server here is Contabo VPS

The best Virtual Private Server hosting solutions can be found in Contabo as they are one of the top providers at this time. They have prices as low as $6.99 per month for Virtual Private Server hosting, and you receive German quality services all the time. Additionally, Contabo is great for pretty much any type of website. It’s fast and it comes with fast NVMe storage too.

You definitely have to check it out for yourself, and you will be very impressed with the quality and results. It’s a great investment and one of the things you do not want to miss. They have great hardware and you receive powerful standardization and scale. The hosting service is powerful and dependable, and you will find yourself impressed with the value and great benefits all the time.

Best Virtual Private Server
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  • It delivers fast, efficient scaling solutions
  • You have access to a vast array of products
  • It is one of the few web hosting companies that offer colocation services
  • Unlimited incoming traffic (32 Terabytes) for the basic VPS Server
  • All plans have root access, dedicated IP, DNS management, unlimited domains, OS installation and management


  • None

The second best Virtual Private Server on our list is Hostinger VPS

Hostinger appears as one of the best Virtual Private Servers because it is a great step up from shared hosting, and it’s also very affordable. For as low as $3.95 a month, you have yourself a VPS. They do have a dedicated IP address, reliable bandwidth and the uptime guarantee is excellent. They also have Email, Web and Cloud Hosting plans all at affordable rates. You will find Hostinger to be a very impressive, high quality VPS service that you will enjoy.

Best Virtual Private Server
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  • Affordable plans
  • Great customer service
  • Optional Minecraft servers
  • Dedicated website builder
  • Cloud VPS


The third best Virtual Private Server here is Bluehost VPS

Bluehost is one of the best Virtual Private Server providers today as they’ve been around for a while with very exceptional performance in their services. Their cost range from $19.99 to $59.99, even more than that if you want a dedicated IP address and some additional, powerful components. It helps bring in a very good experience, and the quality itself is nothing short of impressive. They do have great customer support, and every Virtual Private Server purchase has a free domain for a year, as well as a free SSL certificate. You can also have unlimited subdomains too.

Best Virtual Private Server
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  • The first term is very affordable
  • Very good uptime
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Lots of storage


  • Too many upsells
  • Servers only in the US

The fourth best Virtual Private Server is Hostwinds VPS

Hostwinds as one of the best Virtual Private Server companies, is mostly focused on first time users, but it does have more advanced VPS options. It’s great to see that you get $5 per month as a starting price, but you can go up as much as you need. It’s nice to see the versatility of this solution and the fact that you get lots of management systems. This is a very good idea, and the benefits are among some of the best that you can find in the market. You do want to acquire an amazing result, and Hostwinds can do that, but as we said they are mostly geared towards simpler, starting websites.

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  • Great uptime
  • Minecraft server hosting
  • Good customer service
  • Multiple VPS hosting plans


  • Some plans don’t have Windows server options

The fifth best Virtual Private Server is AccuWeb VPS

AccuWeb appears as one of the best Virtual Private Servers because people like the fact that it’s fast and it delivers a VPS hosting experience that’s easy to manage and adapt to. They have Linux based VPS hosting plans that are a pleasure to use and customize based on your requirements. With that in mind, they even give an unlimited number of email accounts. That alone is great because you have a lot of versatility in the case of a website with lots and lots of users. That being said, the hosting performance is great, and the quality is always very impressive.

Globally recognized web hosting company

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  • Very impressive uptime
  • Fast customer service response
  • Linux and Windows servers
  • Great dedicated hosting


  • You have to pay for cPanel in the basic VPS plan

The sixth best Virtual Private Server on our list is Hostgator VPS

Hostgator has 3 different VPS solutions. One of them comes with 2 GB of RAM, 2 CPU cores and 120 GB of disk space. An upgrade from that comes in the form of Snappy 4000, a package that has 4 GB of RAM and 165 GB of storage. The most expensive one is Snappy 8000 that has 8 GB of RAM and 249 GB of storage. They also give a 45 day money back guarantee, which is nice since it helps eliminate concerns, while making sure you have the ultimate set of results and benefits, and the quality is always among some of the best in the market.

Best Virtual Private Server
Image credit: Hostgator

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  • A very good control panel
  • Great uptime
  • Unlimited bandwidth and disk space
  • 45 day money back guarantee
  • 99.9% uptime


  • You have to pay for backup restoration

The seventh best Virtual Private Server is iDrive Compute VPS

Even if iDrive Compute is a rather new player in the market, it still ranks as one of the best Virtual Private Servers. It does have some great prices; $6 for the first year for the cheapest VPS solution is actually more than okay and very affordable. With that in mind, you can scale up depending on what you want, which is what matters the most. They have servers in more than 20 locations, and you also get plenty of bonuses. Some of the extra stuff you receive here includes block storage, user management, secure backup, on-demand snapshot and many others. It really helps push the experience to the next level, and that’s definitely something to keep in mind.

Best Virtual Private Server
Image credit: iDrive Compute

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  • Many backup features
  • Unlimited devices
  • Basic plan is free
  • Share and sync


  • No monthly plan

The eight best Virtual Private Server here is InMotion VPS

Inmotion VPS appears as one of the best Virtual Private Servers because it does a very good job at bringing high specs, with the prices being great considering what you receive. That being said, they do have a launch assist solution where you can talk with the InMotion Hosting team for proper setup. They do go up to 14 cores in total, which is definitely something you need to take into consideration as much as possible.

Best Virtual Private Server
Image credit: inmotion

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  • Excellent uptime
  • Dedicated website builder
  • Money back guarantee
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • All plans have unlimited email


  • No Windows servers

The ninth best Virtual Private Server is iPage VPS

iPage as one of the best Virtual Private Servers out there, has an interesting approach when it comes to VPS hosting. Their performance is good, but what makes them stand out is the price and bonuses. They are very affordable, which is super important, and the truth is that you get a free domain and free backups. All these things add up to convey a tremendous return on investment. That’s why you have to give this a try, and we guarantee you will be more than happy with the quality and benefits every time.

Best Virtual Private Server
Image credit: iPage

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  • Entry prices are very affordable
  • You can host unlimited sites
  • Free security suite
  • Two website builders


  • Lots of upselling

The tenth best Virtual Private Server on our list is GreenGeeks VPS

GreenGeeks stands out as one of the best Virtual Private Servers as it is an eco-friendly VPS hosting service. They are offsetting their carbon footprint by 300%, and it’s by far the best Virtual Private Server solution when it comes to protecting the environment. They are the option to go if you want to protect the environment as much as you can; the 10 TB bandwidth you get is great even if you have some traffic surges and their free site migration for VPS plans is pretty good too; it just makes things easier for you if you want to choose their service and not something else.

Best Virtual Private Server
Image credit: GreenGeeks

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  • Eco-friendly hosting
  • Great data privacy
  • Independent business
  • Optimization solutions


  • No 24 hours phone support

The eleventh best Virtual Private Server is Dreamhost VPS

Dreamhost is regarded as one of the best Virtual Private Server solutions as it is quite affordable and another great thing about them is the fact that there’s unlimited bandwidth. Do keep in mind the fact that there’s no money back guarantee offered, and you don’t get root access. But if these things are not a problem, you will find them pretty impressive and the results as a whole can be incredibly interesting and distinctive at the same time.

Best Virtual Private Server
Image credit: DreamHost

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  • Great when it comes to security
  • Lots of domain management solutions
  • WordPress staging
  • Money back guarantee
  • Cloud hosting options


  • No Windows servers

The twelfth best VPS is Liquid Web VPS

Liquid Web hosting doesn’t use Windows; it relies on Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian. You can add up a variety of options and this will increase the costs accordingly. But it’s great that you can fully adapt it to your own requirements. Additionally, Liquid Web Hosting is known for being efficient and the prices they ask are actually quite fair.

Best Virtual Private Server
Image credit: Liquid Web

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  • Reliable and efficient
  • Very good uptime
  • High end servers
  • Prorated plans


  • Pricey

The thirteenth best VPS here is DigitalOcean VPS

DigitalOcean as one of the best Virtual Private Servers delivers a great cloud infrastructure on its VPS solutions and it offers developers great cloud services that make it easy to deploy applications quickly and with great efficiency. You have adequate website hosting, but also cloud VPN, video streaming hosting, gaming development and other solutions that really add up to convey a very good experience and outstanding value. To make things even better, they also offer great prices, stellar integration systems and so on. This is not a complex system, it has everything you need and so much more, and the benefits themselves are among some of the best.

DigitalOcean VPS Solutions
Image credit: DigitalOcean

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DigitalOcean Homepage


  • Great support and reporting
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Hardware upgrades are done quickly
  • Very affordable
  • Powerful user interface


  • No CDN

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The fourteenth best VPS here is A2 Hosting VPS

A2 hosting has powerful VPS plans that are unmanaged, but still more than okay. These have root access, managed server security, crew support, a great control panel and many others. These are the factors that make it one of the best Virtual Private Servers. It’s nice to see the fact that prices are pretty good considering the quality you receive. A2 Hosting also offering free expert migration and a money back guarantee at any given time if you are not happy. You rarely get that, and it’s exactly why you want to give it a try.

Image credit: A2 Hosting

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  • Excellent performance
  • 99.98% uptime
  • Non stop server monitoring
  • Free site migration


  • Domain name is not free
  • Renewing is very expensive
  • The cheapest plan is very restricted


In picking the best Virtual Private Server, we recommend using these services if you want fast, reliable and easy to use VPS solutions. They are really impressive, and you can also avoid spending a whole lot of money. Granted, it all comes down to the services that you want to acquire, but the return on investment can be great in the long run. We recommend giving these options a try if you want something professional and dependable, and you will not be disappointed. Check them out and see which one of these great VPS options suits your needs the most. In the end, you are getting a very good value for your money!