D-Link DCS-8627LH Review vs. D-Link DCS-8630LH Review

The D-Link DCS-8627LH and D-Link DCS-8630LH IP cameras are two identical devices from the brand. Today, there are several IP camera products from different brands, with similar appearances, features, specifications, etc and it can be tough making a decision as to which to pick.This D-Link DCS-8627LH vs. D-Link DCS-8630LH review is aimed at discussing both cameras and revealing all you should know to make an informed decision.

D-Link is a well-known brand with respect to networking devices. They feature amazing smart home and business devices. The brand features devices such as ADSL/Broadband Routers, SOHO Switches, KVM Switches, Access Points, Network Attached Storage (NAS), Network Video Recorders (NVRs), Hubs, Cloud Storage, Cloud Routers, Cloud Cameras, and so on. We take a look at the brand’s cloud cameras in the models DCS-8627LH and DCS-8630LH. Let’s get in.

The D-Link DCS-8627LH and D-Link DCS-8630LH: First Impressions, Build Quality and Design

D-Link DCS-8627LH Review vs. D-Link DCS-8630LH Review

As mentioned in the introduction, the DCS-8627LH and DCS-8630LH cameras are very similar in appearance. In build quality and design, there is no difference at all. Both cameras are built strong with a sturdy plastic housing. Applying pressure on them horizontally and vertically, they do not creak. The D-Link DCS-8627LH and D-Link DCS-8630LH cameras are both IP65-rated. This simply means they will survive submersion and perform optimally in different harsh weather conditions.

Looking at the front of the DCS-8627LH and DCS-8630LH cameras, you will see their spotlights at the very top, and they are both 400 Lumens in power. These spotlights maximize light sensitivity and provide clear, colored images and video at night. Below the spotlights, you will find their Infrared LEDs, and then their Full HD 1080p resolution lenses. Both camera lenses have a Field of View of 150°.

The next feature you will find at the front of both the DCS-8627LH and DCS-8630LH cameras is the light sensor. Below this, you have the status LED, PIR Motion Sensor, and Microphone.

Taking a look at the back of both the DCS-8627LH and DCS-8630LH cameras, you will find a bracket and ball joint for mounting the cameras. Along with these, you have a 3-meter-long power cable. Below both cameras are an SD card slot (supports up to 256GB) and a loudspeaker.

Both cameras have a very reasonable and portable size. They both measure 126 x 84 x 60 mm in Length, Width, and Height respectively. In terms of weight, both cameras are 237g respectively. Each camera can function indoors and outdoors with an outdoor operating temperature between -25°C to 70°C.

Installing and Setting up the DCS-8627LH and DCS-8630LH Cameras

When you receive either the D-Link DCS-8627 or D-Link DCS-8630LH IP cameras, you will find the devices, mounting brackets, mounting screws, and A.C to D.C adapters respectively. The A.C to D.C adapter(s) have an output voltage of 12, and an input voltage between 100 to 240, at 50/60Hz.

Mounting both cameras is pretty easy, and you have a long power cable for more flexibility. Simply find a suitable location you want, and mount them accordingly. The DCS-8627LH and DCS-8630LH cameras both support the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band frequency. After mounting either of them, power them up by plugging in the A.C to D.C adapter. Next, download the mydlink app to your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, follow the step-by-step instructions and the camera(s) should be set up successfully.

Performance of the D-Link DCS-8627LH and D-Link DCS-8630LH Cameras

Beginning with the D-Link DCS-8630LH camera, the most remarkable feature of the device is its built-in Smart Hub. What this means is that the DCS-8630LH camera can connect to mydlink Smart DIY devices using Zigbee. Some of these devices include water sensors, smart plugs, door and window sensors. For example, this smart home integration can enable you instantly receive notifications from your sensors when they detect a window is open.

The DCS-8630LH and DCS-8627LH cameras feature Edge-Based Motion Detection. This means that motion detection computations do not require the cloud, and are done locally on the camera itself. With this, all types of motion detections carried out by the camera(s), are faster and more accurate. Both the DCS-8630LH and DCS-8627LH cameras can perform Motion Detection, Person Detection, Sound Detection, Glass Breaking Sound Detection, and send push notifications for each of these detections, with action buttons.

To explain further, the Glass Breaking Sound Detection is a feature whereby the cameras can detect the sound of shattering glass, and notify you based on this kind of sound.

Another beautiful feature of the DCS-8630LH and DCS-8627LH is the Call Police feature (two designated numbers). You can dial right from the lock screen of your mobile device when you receive a notification. Furthermore, you can turn ON/OFF privacy mode when you are at home or away respectively.

Both cameras are enabled with local recording and cloud recording. You would have to provide your own SD card of up to 256GB capacity to use local recording. If you require cloud recording, there are eight cloud recording plans to choose from.

Begnining with, you can get a free plan that allows you to use 3 cameras, 1-day cloud recording, 50 pinned clips, and for 1 year.

The next plan is the basic plan at $2.49 a month, and $24.99 a year. On this, you get to use 3 cameras, 7 days of cloud recording, 100 pinned clips, and Full Resolution Recording.

The third plan is the Premium plan, which costs $4.99 a month and $49.99 a year. You get to use 5 cameras, 14 days of cloud recording, 500 pinned clips, and Full Resolution Recording. The screenshot below shows the entire list of plans you can get. Depending on your country, the applicable currency will be displayed.

D-Link Cloud Subscription Plans
© D-Link

Other features of smart integration that you get with the D-Link DCS-8630LH and DCS-8627LH are voice controls. Both cameras support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You also have the option to integrate with other brands of smart devices using IFTTT. Do note also that on this, the cameras do not support Apple’s HomeKit.

Both cameras feature a 400 Lumens spotlight. With this, you get optimum illumination at night, and they beautifully light things up. Both cameras also have infrared night vision with clear images in black and white. You may not use this often because the spotlights really give you an impressive image and video at night.

You can also tweak the settings of the spotlights to act in the way you want them to. As a deterrent, both cameras feature a 100 decibel siren and it is loud enough to scare an intruder.

The DCS-8627LH and DCS-8630LH cameras have an effective two-way communication. The loudspeaker serves the purpose of the siren and audible voice for the receiving end. Along with this is the microphone with very high-quality reception. If you are using either camera indoors, it will be a great way to see and communicate with your acquaintances when you are away.

Full Specifications of the D-Link DCS-8627LH IP Camera

The full specifications of the DCS-8627LH are shown in the picture below.

D-Link DCS-8627LH Specifications
© D-Link

Full Specifications of the D-Link DCS-8630LH IP Camera

The full specifications of the DCS-8630LH are shown in the picture below.

D-Link DCS-8630LH Specifications
© D-Link

Performance of the app with both cameras

Over the years the D-Link application has gone through several updates and overall, you get a smooth experience while using it on an Android, iOS, or the web view. Using the application with the DCS-8627LH or the DCS-8630LH is a similar experience to other D-Link camera products.

Once you integrate both cameras in the app, you immediately see a live stream of both. On the home screen, you can take a snapshot of the current live view, mute/unmute, record, and so on. When you click on the settings button at the top right-hand corner of your home screen, you will see several settings for the camera.

From here you can simply tap on Privacy Mode to turn it ON, set motion detection, color night vision, spotlight timeout, siren timeout, storage, camera microphone, anti-flicker, status LED, rich notifications, and designated contact amongst others.

From the app, you can select cloud recording and subscribe to any of the cloud storage plans. With this, you can upload recorded videos to the cloud or select local storage to use your SD card.

You get rich notifications from the cameras in around 3 seconds of the detected activity, and you can simply click on the live view on the notification or call the police.

Also on the app, you can configure different rules that should trigger a notification, like Person Detected, Motion Detected, Glass Breaking Sound Detected, and Sound Detected. These are some of the things you can do with the app. There is a whole lot more you can do with the app to get the best out of either the DCS-8627LH or DCS-8630LH cameras.

It will be best for you to play around with each setting to see how the DCS-8627LH or DCS-8630LH cameras perform.

What are the differences between the DCS-8627LH and DCS-8630LH?

The only difference between these cameras is that the DCS-8630LH is designed with an inbuilt smart home hub while the other is not.

Final Thoughts

The D-Link DCS-8627LH and DCS-8630LH cameras are indeed nice, and effective security cameras. If you are cool with a 1080p IP camera, then both of these are suitable, it just depends on where you would want to use them.

The DCS-8630LH is built with a smart home hub, while the DCS-8627LH is not. If this is a major or minor factor, then choose accordingly.

Overall, both cameras have the essential features needed in a surveillance camera, and they perform as expected.

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