Rexing is a USA-based company that believes in bringing the best quality and experience for their customers. Their unique design, latest technology, and affordable pricing for the latest tech products make it possible for them to provide an experience like no other brand.

While a major highlight about Rexing comes from its dash cams, this is only one of those categories that it provides. There are many other options available, making it possible for anyone to implement those in different aspects of their life.

In this way, anyone can meet the camera requirements of their different needs by getting into the Rexing camera ecosystem. Rexing strives to achieve excellence by providing even better quality, design, technology, and pricing to every customer. All of these to maintain a better and strong relationship with their customers.

Rexing provides a wide range of products under different camera categories

Rexing is the company that provides a whole ecosystem of cameras around you to meet all your coverage needs. Whether you want to make your adventure trip more memorable or make your home more secure, Rexing has a product for all of your needs.

Even some products are available in categories that most people do not know how beneficial they can be when used. So, whenever you need a camera for your car, home, or other needs, Rexing will be your best option because of the wide range of categories covered here. Some of those include:

Rexing Car Dash Cams

Image credit: Rexing

Dashcams are among the most common categories for Rexing cameras. These cameras come with lots of features, but their main utility is to record while you are driving. However, the dash cams that you get from Rexing are not like most other options. These cameras bring a complete experience with an application and a user interface on the cameras. So, whenever you are out in your car, you can record all the views in front of you using the following options:

  • Solo
  • Duo
  • Three Channel

The experience with these cameras can be amazing if you go for a unique off-road trip. The price range of Rexing cameras for your car will be between $50 and $250, depending on the features you get. An amazing example from the dashcam collection here will be the V1 camera that lets you record in 4K resolution, which only costs $100.

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Rexing Motorcycle and Cycle Cams

Image credit: Rexing

The next category of cameras that you get here is for the bikers. This category provides Rexing cameras that fit every bike, no matter its make or model. The best part is the additional set of options that come with this camera for bike bicycles. MTC1 makes a perfect choice here. The price for this camera is $300, but on sale, you can also get it for $250.

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Rexing Outdoor Cams

Rexing outdoor cams
Image credit: Rexing

You might be thinking that the outdoor cams are about those cameras that you deploy out of your house for security. However, that’s for another category, and the outdoor cameras are purely made for outdoor lovers. So, if you are going camping in some forest, having cameras from this category will be an amazing option.

One of the best things about this category is that some products even come with a night-vision feature. This category is not only about those going camping as some other options that you can get here are:

  • Action camera
  • Body camera
  • Solar camera
  • Time-lapse camera
  • Trail camera
  • Digital binoculars

The features and prices for all of these cameras differ depending on the model. However, the prices range between $60 and $440 in this category of cameras.

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Rexing Home Security Cams

Home security cams
Image credit: Rexing

The last category of Rexing cameras is about home security. Whether you need to know who is at the door or need full security coverage of your home. This category covers everything with prices ranging between $100 and $200.

The best part is that these cameras come with all the unique features like Solar power operation and indoor baby monitoring systems like BM1 for $200.

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Amazing benefits of having Rexing cameras

You can enjoy a long list of benefits and features no matter what category you go for when buying Rexing cameras. So, here are some of the most amazing benefits of having Rexing cameras.

(1) Great video quality with high resolution

Recording the video only does not matter at all. If you have a camera recording a video, but when you play that video, the details are not clear, then there is no benefit of having that camera. The era of 480p video recording has become a thing of the past, and Rexing cameras now provide great video recording quality with ultra-high resolutions.

So, when you use these cameras, your recordings will have all the details in the video, whether it is about capturing the scenic beauty of nature or capturing the details of an accident to provide as legal evidence. Rexing cameras provide the following video recording resolutions:

  • 720p
  • 1080p
  • 1440p
  • 4K

In this way, every little detail can be captured with the best quality.

(2) Wide-angle lens

The next benefit is the coverage of the camera. If you love taking a lot of pictures from your phone, you might know how beneficial it is to have a wide-angle feature because it lets more people get inside one picture.

The same goes for the Rexing cameras. When a camera does not cover a wide-angle, most of the important details can get skipped, especially in the case of dashcams and home security. So, these cameras provide up to 170 degrees of wide-angle coverage.

In this way, there will be no need to use many cameras, and you will never miss any important detail in a video.

(3) Amazing low light performance

While you can hold flash with professional cameras, and the smartphone cameras also come with their proprietary flash, this is something that is not possible with adventure cameras. So, instead of needing light in low light areas, these cameras are designed to perform extremely well in low light situations.

Whether you are driving or are on a camping trip, the low light performance will make sure to capture as much detail as possible without needing any assisting light.

(4) Software supported additional features

Rexing cameras are not all about putting the best hardware together. These cameras are designed with a very thoughtful process of taking care of all the use cases. The soft features of these cameras bring a lot of value in this case.

For example, when you are using a dashcam, you will get all the regular features, but the additional features like the following will add more value to your experience.

  • Parking mode
  • Security notifications even when the vehicle is turned off
  • Collision detection features with the g-force sensor

These are just a few mentions as the Rexing cameras are jam-packed with a long list of such features, each of which adds a lot more to the overall experience that you can have.

(5) Application availability for different platforms

This is the part about Rexing cameras where things keep on getting better and better. If you have been using some other dashcam before or wireless security cam, then you will be well aware of how bad the interface of some cameras can be.

On the other hand, these cameras come with dedicated applications for the camera and your device. So, if your camera needs a mobile application, you will get one for both Android and iOS devices.

Similarly, if your camera needs a Windows application for the PC, you will get that as well. These applications are developed to bring many amazing features that collectively ensure that a customer gets the best experience.

(6) Unique designing for additional features

Saying that these cameras are modular will not be wrong by any means. These cameras come with many additional parts and accessories to ensure that all of your needs are met in the best manner. While some parts are designed as dedicated for one model only, some are modular as well, allowing you to use them with different models that you own.

One important thing to note here is that some of these parts may come with the product as a bundle while some are sold separately, so you need to be sure what you are getting and if you need to buy it separately or not.

(7) Safety that you can rely on

These cameras are not all about security only as they come with sustainability and reliability as well. One major problem with almost all car cameras is that they do not record anything when the vehicle is off. This brings an opportunity for the prowlers and hit-and-run criminals to easily go away without leaving any evidence.

Rexing makes sure that such important moments are not missed at all. So, even when your car is turned off, it can record. This feature is activated when the camera detects motion around your car. In this way, there is no need to keep constant recording on and draining the car battery, and you can also capture important evidence.

(8) Supports external storage

This may not be a unique feature until you know all the details. When you get a Rexing camera, you will not need to worry about storage space, even when adding external storage cards. These cameras support hundreds of GBs of external storage, which means that you can easily record long videos without needing to worry about storage space running out.

(9) No need to rely on vehicle power

Another amazing benefit that you rarely get from outdoor cameras is having a self-powering battery for the camera. So, when you are using a Dashcam, you will not have to worry about using it with the vehicle’s battery power.

This might seem valuable for the car owners, but things get extremely valuable for those who are planning to use the cameras with their motorbikes and bicycles because you cannot have wires for every camera like the one on the helmet. With reliable power backup options, there will be no need to worry about the camera going out of power any time sooner.

(10) Made to withstand high temperatures

Having these cameras will not put you in a worry about the extreme weather conditions. Whether it is freezing cold or blazing hot, you will never have to worry about these cameras getting bad or becoming useless. It is all because of the wide operating ranges of these cameras like the following:

  • -6.5 to 80 degrees Celsius
  • 20 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

(11) Customer care to enhance your experience

Rexing knows that customers may need expert assistance about different things. So, it provides customer care that enhances your experience. You can contact the support team for all of the customer care that you need.

(12) Affordable pricing

On top of every benefit that these cameras bring, the biggest benefit is their affordable pricing. These cameras pack lots of unique and innovative features, but the pricing is set to be affordable. So, individuals and businesses can purchase products that they need without having to worry so much about their budget.

Is there anything that you need to be careful about?

There are two major factors you must ensure and these are explained below;

(1) Always ensure to take out the important videos. You must understand that the storage on these cameras is limited, and they will not be able to capture videos forever.

So, the system of these cameras is designed in a way that when the storage is full, it automatically starts overwriting on the older captures, which is an efficient way of making more storage space available. It is a great feature in itself because you will never need to worry about emptying the storage if there is nothing useful in it.

If you think that you have captured anything important, then it will be better to save that in your storage devices as soon as possible.

(2) When purchasing a camera, ensure to check the voltage rating of the camera you are purchasing if its the same voltage that works in your Country, otherwise ensure to purchase a converter or adapter along with the camera.

No need to go anywhere else

When it comes to providing an amazing experience, Rexing makes sure to do everything to make the experience better. So, When you get a Rexing camera, you will never need to go anywhere else for anything. Here is why:

(1) Get all the accessories from Rexing

Rexing itself provides all the additional accessories for its products, whether you get car cameras, adventure cameras, home security cameras and so on.

(2) Get applications for your device from Rexing

You will not face any hassle with downloading the Rexing applications and this is because all of the Rexing applications are available on their website.

(3) Get additional mounts and attachments from Rexing

If you want to take things to the next level, then you will need some mounts and attachments for the cameras. The best part is that all of these are also available at the Rexing store.

This means that whether you need any service, accessory, or assistance, you can get all of that directly from Rexing, making sure that you get the best customer experience. It is another valuable thing that makes these cameras the best.

Final Remarks: Why should you choose Rexing Cameras?

Getting cameras to capture things today has become very essential. Rexing cameras help you cover all the different aspects of your life where you cannot pay a lot of attention. For example, the home security cameras ensure to cover your home and its surroundings.

Similarly, the dash cams and bike cams ensure a complete ride without disturbing the driver. These cameras bring many more valuable features making Rexing your one-stop shop for all camera needs. So, if you need any camera to capture the world that you normally do not, then going for a Rexing camera will be your best choice.

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