Reolink Lumus Review

The Reolink Lumus outdoor Wi-Fi camera is one of the modest yet versatile IP cameras from Reolink. It is a very compact and attractive IP camera similar to the Reolink Argus 3 Pro. It is a budget-friendly IP camera designed with fantastic features to cater to your surveillance needs.

Evidently, surveillance cameras help provide a safer living and working environment. With the necessities of security in our world today, you cannot be more careful. Again, knowledge in this area is essential as there are several IP cameras with different strengths.

Our review of the Reolink Lumus outdoor Wi-Fi security camera is aimed at providing knowledge about this device and aiding you in your decision-making process.

Let’s get started.

Reolink Lumus Outdoor Wifi Camera Review

First Impressions and Overview of the Reolink Lumus Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera

The Reolink Lumus Outdoor Wi-Fi camera comes in a glossy finish with a solid build quality. Beginning with its frontal physical features, the camera has its spotlights at the very top with its status LED in between the spotlights. Then you have 6 infrared LEDs below and around the camera’s lens. Below the lens are the daylight sensor, microphone, and PIR Motion Sensor respectively.

Looking at the back of the camera, you will observe its loudspeaker, D.C power cable, and quarter 20 threaded hole for mounting the camera. Under the camera, you have a rubber flap that houses the camera’s SD card slot and a Reset button.

The Reolink Lumus Outdoor Wi-Fi camera is IP65 rated. It measures 99mm x 91mm x 60mm and weighs 185 grams. When you receive the package, you will get the Reolink Lumus Outdoor Wi-Fi camera, a mounting bracket, a power adapter, a quick start guide, mounting template, a surveillance sticker, pack of screws, and a reset needle. 

This camera is powered with a 5 Volts, 2 Amps D.C adapter, and functions this way only. If you would like a battery-powered IP camera, you could take a look at the Reolink Argus 3 Pro, It looks exactly like the Reolink Lumus but has higher camera specifications.

How to Set up the Reolink Lumus Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera

One thing that is uniform with Reolink cameras and has been over the years is the ease of setting them up. Setting up the Reolink Lumus outdoor Wi-Fi camera is no exception to this.

To begin with, ensure to find a location that is close to a power socket so as to power up the camera conveniently. Also, ensure that this position is not very far from your Wi-Fi router. It is also better to set up the camera on the app before mounting it.

So, open the Reolink app or download it if you are a new user. Then click on Add in the upper right-hand corner, scan the QR code at the back of the camera, then select Wi-Fi Not Configured. The next step is to plug the Reolink Lumus into your power socket and wait for it to come ON. You should then hear a voice prompt from the camera. Click on I have heard the voice prompt, then click Next, and enter your Wi-Fi credentials. A QR code will be displayed on your screen, Scan it with the Reolink Lumus, and you will hear a voice prompt again. Select I have heard the voice prompt, click Next, and create a password for the camera. The final step is to give the camera a name and you should see the live view afterwards.

To mount the Reolink Lumus, ensure your desired location is 7-10 ft above the ground. This is recommended because it gives the camera’s motion sensor a maximum detection range. Now, paste the mounting hole template on your wall and drill holes accordingly. Then, place the base of the camera bracket on the wall and screw it in. Attach the other part of the base, then screw the camera into position. You can now proceed to view the live feed from the camera.

Camera Performance

The very first feature of the Reolink Lumus Outdoor Wi-Fi camera that will intrigue you is its Full HD 1080p resolution. This is also what has endeared a lot of users to Reolink. You can expect to get the best image and video quality from Reolink IP cameras.

In addition to the Full HD 1080p resolution of the Reolink Lumus, you can see with this resolution at 100° Field of View horizontally, and 54° vertically in crisp clear pictures and balanced colors.

At night, the Reolink Lumus also provides clear and colored feeds with its 6500K/ 180lm spotlights. It is motion-activated and also, you can optimize the image and video feed by adjusting the intensity of the spotlights accordingly.

Again, the Reolink Lumus is designed with infrared night vision as well. This is capable of 10 meters (33ft). However, with the spotlights, the camera performs much better. You can also fully harness the potential of the spotlights since the Reolink Lumus Outdoor Wi-Fi camera is not a battery-powered camera, and as such, you are not worried if it will take a toll on the battery life.

Moving on to Motion Detection, the Reolink Lumus performs PIR Motion Detection (up to 7 meters) as well as Pixel-Based Motion Detection. In addition, the camera features a Siren which can be activated when motion is detected. When motion is detected, the camera performs 4 seconds of Pre-Recording and Post-Recording at 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or 1 minute depending on your choice. With regards to recording, the Reolink Lumus records to an SD card of up to 128GB, as well as to the cloud, and Reolink NVRs. Using cloud storage with the Reolink Lumus Outdoor Wi-Fi camera is not mandatory.

Also, you can customize the motion detection sensitivity of the Reolink Lumus for different times of the day. These times are 00:00 – 6:00, 6:00 – 12:00, 12:00 – 18:00, and 18:00 – 23.59. In each of these different time frames, you can adjust the motion detection sensitivity to between 0 – 50. You can enable the Siren with motion detection, as well as customize the sounds, and record your own voice.

Then you have Motion Zones as well. With motion zones, you can grey out areas you do not want the camera to detect motions for. With regards to alerts, you have Push Notifications and Email Alerts. Push notifications are triggered by the Reolink app and email notifications are sent to your email address. You also have the option of setting the notifications to scheduled. With this, you can choose specific times of the day when you want to receive notifications, and when you do not want.

Moving further, the Reolink Lumus Outdoor Wi-Fi camera supports two-way communication. This provides you with full-duplex communication, and you can communicate with acquaintances, visitors, and your pets. With this also, you can warn an intruder by speaking to let the person know you are watching.

The Reolink Lumus Outdoor Wi-Fi camera supports the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi frequency only, but shouldn’t be a problem. It supports the IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, as well as the wireless security standards WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK.

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice controls are supported on the Reolink Lumus. Using your Google Nest Hub, Chromecast-Enabled TV, Echo Spot, Echo Show, and Fire TV, you can easily integrate them with the Reolink Lumus. Do note that you may experience lags between when you speak and when you get a response from your streaming device.

Performance of the App with the Reolink Lumus Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera

The experience and performance of the Reolink application with the Reolink Lumus is just the same as other Reolink IP cameras. Over the years, the app has gotten a lot of updates and as such, has a very responsive and intuitive interface.

Irrespective of the device you use, Android or iOS, you are sure to have a smooth experience without bugs. Once you integrate the Reolink Lumus with the app, you have full visibility and manageability of the camera.

It is worth mentioning that the motion detection triggers work excellently. Once motion is detected, you almost instantly receive the notification on the app. Then when you tap on the notification, you see the live stream almost immediately.

Perhaps, one of the remarkable features you have on the Reolink app is the option to configure recording schedules. Recording schedules enable the Reolink Lumus to record according to your set times. Along with this is the ability to set times when you want to receive alert notifications. This can be when you are at work or away from home, and on returning, the notifications stop accordingly. From the home screen, you have a number of controls to enable you to configure the Reolink Lumus as you choose. Overall, the app’s performance is satisfactory.

Full Specifications of the Reolink Lumus Wi-Fi Outdoor IP Camera

The specifications of the Reolink Lumus are detailed in the picture below.

Reolink Lumus Specifications
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Final Thoughts

The Reolink Lumus Outdoor Wi-Fi camera is a satisfactory surveillance camera performance-wise. It has impressive images and video as expected of a Reolink IP camera. It also has enough features that can provide adequate surveillance as may be needed.

Also, it is a very attractive camera, beautifully designed, and fits perfectly in any location you choose. If you are on a lean budget and desire a surveillance camera that provides satisfactory features, as well as a device you can rely on, then the Reolink Lumus is recommended.

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