Cisco Webex Codec Plus Review, Cisco Room Kit Plus

In today’s interconnected and fast-paced world, video conferencing and collaboration solutions are at the heart of businesses. The Cisco Webex Codec Plus and Cisco Room Kit Plus are devices that show up in this regard. Cisco Systems, being a renowned networking and communications solutions company, made the Cisco Webex Codec Plus and Cisco Room Kit Plus devices available, to meet the growing demand for seamless, immersive, and interactive remote collaboration solutions.

These devices ride upon the popular Webex platform and take collaboration and video conferencing to impressive levels, empowering Organizations and Teams to interact and work together irrespective of physical locations. The Cisco Webex Codec Plus and Cisco Room Kit Plus deliver unparalleled audiovisual quality, along with cutting-edge features, and revolutionizes the way Businesses and Teams collaborate in today’s digital landscape.

Our review of the Cisco Webex Codec Plus and Cisco Room Kit Plus will explore their features and capabilities, showcase how they transform remote collaboration, and foster productivity across businesses. In the end, you will have a complete understanding of these devices and their features, their role in driving productivity, meaningful interactions, and the transformative power that the Cisco Webex Codec Plus and Cisco Room Kit Plus can deliver to your Organization or any Business seeking to unlock the full potential of remote collaboration.

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Overview of the Cisco Webex Codec Plus and Cisco Room Kit Plus

Cisco Webex Codec Plus Review, Cisco Room Kit Plus Review
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The Cisco Room Kit Plus and Cisco Webex Codec Plus are terminologies we can use interchangeably since Room Kit Plus is made up of Codec Plus and Quad-Camera Bar. So, the Cisco Webex Codec Plus has three components; the Codec itself, a Quad-Camera Bar that’s integrated with speakers and microphones, then an intelligent Navigator Control Panel. Looking at the back of the Codec, you will observe a number of ports. From left to right, you will find an ON/OFF Power Button, followed by a Power Input Jack (12 Volts, 5 Amps), then a Security Slot, an Ethernet Port for the Navigator Control Panel, another Ethernet Port for your Local Area Network Connection (LAN), and an Ethernet Port for the Quad-Camera Bar.

After these, you have five HDMI Ports. The first three are for video input, to be connected to the Quad-Camera Bar. The first HDMI Port is capable of 1080p60, the second is capable of 4Kp30, and the third 4Kp30, HDCP. The next two HDMI Ports are output ports (audio and video at 4Kp60). Then you find a Type B USB 2.0 Port, a Type A USB 2.0 Port, and a Micro USB Port for Maintenance. The remaining ports are three Microphone Input Ports, an Audio Line Output Port, and a Factory Reset Button.

The Cisco Webex Codec Plus and Cisco Room Kit Plus are suitable for meeting rooms that sit up to 14 persons. The Quad-Camera Bar delivers Speaker-Tracking as well as Auto-Framing capabilities for your medium-sized to large-sized meeting room. Setting up the Cisco Webex Codec Plus or Cisco Room Kit Plus will be according to your specific needs, or existing video conference network infrastructure. But typically, the Cisco Webex Codec Plus & Cisco Room Kit Plus are designed for On-Premise Deployment and Registration or the Cloud through the Webex Cloud Service. If you choose the Webex Cloud Service, you benefit from additional cloud-based functionalities that enhance user experience, team workflow, and simplified deployment.

Cisco Webex Codec Plus Review, Cisco Room Kit Plus Review
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Features & Performance of the Cisco Webex Codec Plus and Cisco Room Kit Plus

We begin by mentioning that the Cisco Webex Codec Plus and Cisco Room Kit Plus are feature-rich. This is a hub that unleashes the power of seamless and immersive video conferencing experiences, and revolutionalizes the way teams collaborate.

(1) Seamless and Intuitive Collaboration

Firstly, using the Navigator Control Panel, you can easily tap on the Settings Button and see a whole lot to play around with and fine-tune. Alternatively, you can Log into the device with its IP Address, and see the Graphical User Interface. With the sleek and intuitive interface, you can instantly initiate a video conference meeting and share content. It has user-friendly controls and streamlined workflows that enable you, and other participants focus on the meeting and not struggle with technical complexities.

Smart meetings, Smart presentations, Smart meeting room, with beautiful images and video in 4K, along with Speaker Tracking, Automatic Framing, and intelligent calculations for resource usage and allocations, the Cisco Webex Code Plus or Cisco Room Kit Plus delivers you an immersive meeting experience. In addition to these, it also supports Wireless Sharing which is great for your presentations, along with APIs and Macros for your meetings’ personalization. As already mentioned, you will find several settings to tweak for your overall benefit. See the screenshots below.

Cisco Web Interface
Cisco Webex User Interface
Webex User Interface
Cisco Webex Graphical User Interface

(2) Audiovisual Quality

This is one of the remarkable features of the Cisco Webex Codec Plus & Cisco Room Kit Plus. Built with cutting-edge camera technology, the device is able to capture and transmit images and video in 4K, enabling participants see every expression, every gesture, and all visual details in crisp and clear resolution. The Codec Plus is also designed with an advanced microphone array that provides automatic noise suppression. Also, this device also supports third-party audio systems that use RS-232 and SSH.

(3) Intelligent Meeting Enhancements

The Cisco Webex Codec Plus & Cisco Room Kit Plus is a Smart Companion that is able to enhance your meetings in several ways. This device is designed with intelligent machine-learning capabilities that enable it perform Speaker Tracking. Its intelligent Speaker Track Camera feature, enables it adjust Framing and Tracking to focus on the person speaking at any given time, delivering a more natural and interactive meeting experience. Do note that if you have a very large meeting room, the Speaker Track feature may not function effectively for participants that are far away from the device. You would have to play around with this feature for sitting positions that are far away, to see how this works for your meeting room.

(4) Unblemished Integration with the Cisco Ecosystem

The Cisco Webex Codec Plus & Cisco Room Kit Plus seamlessly integrates with the larger ecosystem of Cisco collaborations. This therefore unlocks a whole world of possibilities for you to take advantage of. With this, you get to benefit from a comprehensive suite of tools for all of your communications and content sharing. This will further bridge the gap between in-person and remote collaborations, empowering your team members to seamlessly connect and work together across platforms.

(5) Scalability

With scalability, no matter what kind of meeting room you have, a small or large conference space, the Codec Plus has configurations that cater to room sizes. It supports flexible deployment options to ensure that Organizations benefit from its powerful communication capabilities. Also, with regards to setting up the device, you have the flexibility of On-Premises and Cloud-Based deployments.

Final Thoughts

With the Cisco Webex Codec Plus and Cisco Room Kit Plus, there’s so much to discuss and showcase. However, this review provides a sound footing as you decide on them.

Evidently, these are very robust and versatile machines that transform the way teams collaborate. They are game-changing devices for modern business communications. The bridging of distances, the enhancement of productivity, and the result of meaningful outcomes are sure with the Cisco Webex Codec Plus & Cisco Room Kit Plus along with the redefinition of the future of collaborations.

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