842A Review vs 833A Review

The addition of the Reolink RLC-833A to the fleet of Reolink Turret IP cameras comes with a lot of expectations. We will be comparing this camera with the Reolink RLC-842A.

Reolink, no doubt is a widely accepted brand and with a lot of attention on home security, everyone certainly looks for what works. If you are in the market for Dome-Shaped or Turret IP cameras, the Reolink RLC-842A and Reolink RLC-833A are two cameras you may want to consider even though there are other Reolink IP cameras in these two forms.

These two cameras are designed with impressive features; they have similarities and are affordable. So, join in as we review them and help you make an informed decision.

Reolink RLC-842A Review vs. Reolink RLC-833A Review
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Overview of the Reolink RLC-842A

Firstly, it is worth mentioning that the Reolink RLC-842A and Reolink RLC-833A are both PoE IP Cameras. With this, you can power up either camera and also transmit network connectivity with just the Ethernet cable that’s provided in the box. Do note that depending on where you intend to mount your camera, the Ethernet cable included may not be long enough. The Reolink RLC-842A and Reolink RLC-833A support an Ethernet cable as long as 330 ft. Also, note that your network switch or router must be PoE Enabled for this to work, or you can use a PoE Injector, a 12 Volts D.C. Adapter, as well as a Reolink NVR. If you are bothered as to how to connect PoE cameras, we have a very detailed teaching on how to go about it in this review.

With that said, the Reolink RLC-842A is a versatile, well-designed smart security camera that provides a wide range of features. Perhaps, the most astonishing feature of this camera is its 8 Megapixels Ultra High Definition video resolution (Default: 3840 x 2160 at 25 frames/sec) with 5X Optical Zoom.

This device is able to capture and deliver exceptional, crystal-clear videos and images. This is one of the features that users of Reolink cameras cherish a lot. The camera has a 96°-27° horizontal field of view and a 69°-21° vertical field of view.

Taking a quick look at the camera, it has an aluminum metal base and a heavy-duty IK10 Vandal Proof housing that protects its entire components. The camera features 24 infrared LEDs, a daylight sensor, microphone, a micro SD card slot (256GB Maximum), and is IP66 weatherproof rated. Let’s see the Reolink RLC-833A.

Overview of the Reolink RLC-833A

The Reolink RLC-833A is another fantastic IP camera. Like the Reolink RLC-842A, it is an 8 Megapixels Ultra High Definition camera (Default: 3840 x 2160 at 25 frames/sec) with 3X Optical Zoom. It has a 94°-50° horizontal field of view and a 53°-30° vertical field of view.

It has an aluminum metal base, a spotlight (1 piece), infrared LEDs (2 pieces), a daylight sensor, microphone, a loudspeaker, and a micro SD card slot (256GB Maximum). This camera is also outdoor with an IP66 rating.

How to set up the Reolink RLC-842A and the Reolink RLC-833A

Firstly, the Reolink RLC-842A and Reolink RLC-833A come with every accessory needed to get them up and running. These include a waterproof lid, 1 meter Ethernet cable, a quick start guide, a surveillance sticker, mounting template, screws and anchors.

Before proceeding to mount either camera, power them up and integrate them with the Reolink app. As mentioned earlier, the Reolink RLC-842A and Reolink RLC-833A are PoE cameras. You may need an additional Ethernet cable and a longer one at that. So, power them with whichever networking device(s) you own and add them to the Reolink app.

Adding the Reolink RLC-842A or Reolink RLC-833A to the app can be done automatically or manually. With the automatic method, once your mobile phone having the Reolink app is connected to the same network as your camera(s), tap on ”Add Devices Automatically” to enable this feature, and your Reolink RLC-842A or Reolink RLC-833A will be automatically found.

If you choose to add either camera manually, simply click on Add in the top right-hand corner of the Reolink app, then scan the QR code on the camera. You can also add the camera(s) by inputting the UID/IP Address of either camera or scanning your network and any camera on the network will be detected. After this stage, you can then proceed to give your camera a password, and a unique name.

The next thing to do will be to mount your Reolink RLC-842A or Reolink RLC-833A. For the Reolink RLC-842A, you will observe that you do have to position the camera’s lens properly before mounting it on a ceiling so as to get the desired view. To do this, first unscrew the dome cover. Then, unscrew the camera from both sides. At this point, you can now tilt and adjust the camera’s angle.

Screw in the camera (do not screw in the dome cover yet) and proceed to mount the camera. From this point, mounting the Reolink RLC-842A and Reolink RLC-833A is the same process. Take out the mounting template and paste it on your ceiling. Drill holes as shown, place your camera, and screw it in. Now, you can then screw back the dome cover. At this point, you are done with mounting the camera but do ensure to insert the waterproof lid to protect the Ethernet cable connector from water intrusion.

Performance of the Reolink RLC-842A and Reolink RLC-833A

(1) Video Quality

The Reolink RLC-842A and Reolink RLC-833A offer exceptional image and video quality. What is the essence of a security camera if it doesn’t provide you with a decent image? With a 4k resolution on both cameras, you get satisfactory footage from them. And as mentioned earlier, this is the standout feature you get from Reolink cameras generally. In addition, with their motorized lenses, the Reolink RLC-842A gives you the ability to zoom in 5 times, and on the Reolink RLC-833A, you can zoom in 3 times. With these, you can bring faraway objects, faces, or license plates closer for a more detailed assessment.

Another standout feature to benefit from both cameras is night vision performance. The Reolink RLC-842A delivers very clear footage in black and white up to 30 meters in total darkness. Even in low-light areas, you will get clear and decent images. The camera is not designed with spotlights and this is no less in performance as compared to other dome IP cameras in the market.

The Reolink RLC-833A is built with a spotlight and delivers colored night vision. You also have the ability to optimize your footage and the intensity of the spotlight. Then again, this camera supports the Reolink Standalone Floodlight. This is a separate device that you can purchase and link to your Reolink RLC-833A. With this, whenever motion is detected by the camera, the Floodlight will immediately come ON and illuminate the entire area, thereby providing you with a more improved image and video quality.

(2) Motion Detection

Motion detection is one of the features that make a surveillance camera very useful, and its ability to eliminate false triggers makes it even more desirable. The Reolink RLC-842A and Reolink RLC-833A feature smart onboard AI motion detection. What this means is that both cameras do not require cloud computations to detect motion. The onboard AI enables both cameras to deliver near-instant detection and push notifications.

Both cameras can detect humans, vehicles, pets (beta), and all motion. In addition, they both have Motion Zones. This therefore means that you get accurate notifications for detected motion. The cameras will also perform pre-recording and post-recording. By default, recording is motion-triggered; you also have the option of 24/7 continuous recording, and scheduled recording.

The Reolink RLC-842A and the Reolink RLC-833A enable you to store recorded footage locally and give you full control of your recordings. You also have the option of a Reolink NVR or FTP. With regards to notifications, you get a snapshot in your email alert and just a push notification from the app that you must tap to get to the live view.

(3) Two-Way Communication

The Reolink RLC-833A is designed with a microphone and loudspeaker that provide full-duplex communication. While the Reolink RLC-842A only has a microphone that enables the recording of audio into your footage. The Reolink RLC-833A also features a siren that you can turn ON to scare intruders. It also works with the spotlight as well. Thus, if you do observe anything suspicious, you can turn them ON to provide an uncomfortable environment for the intruders. Overall, the audio performance is satisfactory.

(4) Voice Controls

With the Reolink RLC-842A and Reolink RLC-833A, only Google Assistant is supported. This is perhaps the only drawback of both of them.

Which of the cameras should you go for?

The Reolink RLC-833A obviously has some advantages over the Reolink RLC-842A. The former has a spotlight that enables colored night vision, and it also supports the addition of a Reolink Floodlight for better night vision performance. While the latter has 24 infrared LEDs for night vision only.

Then, the Reolink RLC-842A is built with a microphone only. While the Reolink RLC-833A is built with a microphone and speaker thereby providing two-way communication.

The Reolink RLC-842A can perform 5 times optical zoom, while the Reolink RLC-833A performs 3 times optical zoom. In terms of their images and video, both cameras produce very remarkable quality as they are both 8 Megapixels cameras. Except for the fact that the Reolink RLC-842A has a lens specification of f=2.7-13.5mm and F=1.6-3.3; With a 96°-27° horizontal field of view and 69°-21° vertically. While the Reolink RLC-833A has f=2.8-8mm and F=1.6; With a 94°- 50° horizontal field of view, and 53°- 30° vertically.

Full Specifications of the Reolink RLC-842A

Reolink RLC-842A Specifications
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Full Specifications of the Reolink RLC-833A

Reolink RLC-833A Specifications
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Final Thoughts

Evidently, the Reolink RLC-842A and Reolink RLC-833A PoE cameras are powerful and versatile. Whichever camera you decide to go for, you can be sure to get the best value for your investment.

In this review, the Reolink RLC-833A obviously edges the Reolink RLC-842A with some additional features. But in terms of performance, AI capabilities, camera quality, and overall expectations, both of them are dependable security cameras.

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