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The KingSmith WalkingPad Treadmill X21 is here and as usual, expectations are high as to what to expect from the machine. Now, a lot of us haven’t tried having a treadmill at home yet because of one big reason; not enough space.

Now, think about this problem when you live high up in a condo, like on the third floor or higher. Trying to fit a heavy treadmill through all those stairs? It’s like trying to do the impossible. And guess what? You’ve probably thought about getting a treadmill that folds up. But even that doesn’t work because of the same space problem – there’s just not enough room. If this sounds like your situation, then this review of the KingSmith WalkingPad Treadmill X21 might be what you need. In short, it’s a cool, compact, and double-folding treadmill that you can’t just ignore. By the end of this guide, you will understand everything you need to know about the KingSmith WalkingPad Treadmill X21 and how it can potentially transform your fitness journey. Let’s dive in!

What is the KingSmith WalkingPad Treadmill X21?

The KingSmith WalkingPad Treadmill X21 is an exercise machine that brings fitness right into your home. You’ve probably guessed, but perhaps the most unique selling point of the KingSmith WalkingPad X21 is the fact that it is a double-folding machine. Well, think about how easy it is to store. When you’re done using it, you can fold it up not once, but twice. This means you can tuck it away without taking up much space at all. So, no more worries about where to put your exercise equipment.

KingSmith WalkingPad Treadmill WalkingPad X21 Review
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That aside, another exciting thing about the KingSmith WalkingPad X21 is the non-slip surface. It’s designed to keep you steady while you walk or jog, so you don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding. It gets even better when you know there’s an LCD display right in front of you. In this display, you’ll find information on how long you’ve been walking, the distance you’ve covered, and even how many calories you’ve burned. Put simply, it’s your personal fitness dashboard.

The KingSmith WalkingPad Treadmill X21 comes with a safety key. This device ensures that the treadmill stops if you happen to step off suddenly. It somewhat gives you an extra layer of protection. Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or you’ve been at it for a while, you’d definitely love this treadmill. It adapts just well to your needs and goals.

How Good is the KingSmith WalkingPad Treadmill X21 Build?

The KingSmith WalkingPad Treadmill X21 is a compact and unique treadmill, designed to fit right into your space without any stress. For starters, the most impressive thing is that it can handle a weight of up to 240 pounds. In fact, during testing, a person who weighed 225 pounds tried it out, and guess what? The performance didn’t change at all. This means that if you’re around 240 pounds, you can trust that this treadmill will handle your weight just fine.

The frame of the KingSmith WalkingPad Treadmill X21 is made from a combination of ABS plastic and aluminum alloy. And here’s the interesting part: even when you’re using the treadmill, you won’t notice any wobbling or shaking in its frame. Everything stays nice and steady.

KingSmith WalkingPad Treadmill X21
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This is actually quite surprising when you think about it. The treadmill itself only weighs 93 pounds. So, the fact that it can hold up well under the weight of a heavier person is pretty impressive. It’s a clear sign that this treadmill is built to be really solid and sturdy.

You might be wondering, why does this matter? Well, a sturdy frame means you can walk or jog on it without worrying about stability. You can go at your own pace, and the treadmill will keep up without a hitch. This is a bit reassuring, especially if you are on the heavier side.

Now, it’s important to note that this KingSmith WalkingPad X21 treadmill is mainly designed for walking, and there are a couple of reasons why. Firstly, its small frame makes it a better fit for slower activities. Secondly, the motor itself is on the smaller side.

What to Expect Motor-Wise

The motor powering the KingSmith WalkingPad Treadmill X21 is a 1.0HP brushless motor. This motor is what gets the treadmill moving, and it can take you up to a maximum speed of 7.4 miles per hour (MPH). At that top speed, you’re likely entering the jogging or running territory. However, this KingSmith WalkingPad X21 treadmill is best suited for light jogging and especially, walking. It’s not meant for racking up a ton of miles or intense running sessions.

We all agree that a treadmill is a mechanical device with several moving parts. Well, that means there’s bound to be some noise. But don’t worry, the KingSmith WalkingPad Treadmill X21’s motor is actually pretty quiet. If you’re sharing your living space with someone, you won’t be bothering them too much. The noise is there, but it’s on the low side. And it’s worth noting that the noise might change a bit depending on how fast you’re walking or jogging. One thing to keep in mind is that the KingSmith WalkingPad X21 treadmill doesn’t incline. So, if you’re looking for that uphill challenge, you won’t find it here. But hey, that’s okay, there’s still plenty of goodness packed into this compact treadmill, like the deck.

The Deck of the KingSmith WalkingPad Treadmill X21

So, what about the deck? On one hand, you’ll find an interesting feature that might just win you over. But on the flip side, there are a couple of things that could raise a concern or two.

Let’s start with the good part; the double-folding system. When you fold the KingSmith WalkingPad Treadmill X21 completely, the deck gets tucked under at a 90-degree angle. This greatly reduces its length from nearly 56 inches to a mere 9 inches. If you don’t have enough space, this compact folding feature can be your lifesaver.

Next, the unfolded walking surface offers a width of 18.1 inches and a length of 47.6 inches. This should provide ample space for most people to comfortably walk or jog. The deck gives you enough room to find your stride without feeling constrained.

Now, to the not-so-good part; Folding the KingSmith WalkingPad X21 in half creates a seam that becomes obvious when you unfold the machine. You’ll feel this seam under your feet as you walk. If you’re someone who’s quite familiar with using treadmills, it might come across as a subtle bump. Over time, this seam becomes less noticeable with regular use. But initially, it could be a bit bothersome for some users. Besides the minor quibble, it’s safe to say that the KingSmith WalkingPad Treadmill X21 excels excellently when it comes to build quality.

Is the Performance of the KingSmith WalkingPad X21 Satisfactory?

To reiterate, the KingSmith WalkingPad Treadmill X21 is tailor-made for folks with limited space, whether you’re dealing with a small room, an upper floor, or a house with shared walls. If you’re looking for something that can seamlessly slot into a corner or hide away in a closet, then the KingSmith WalkingPad X21 is a great fit for you. At first, you might notice its presence, but as time goes on, it becomes a natural part of your surroundings.

The side rails of the KingSmith WalkingPad Treadmill X21 are fairly narrow, but don’t let that discourage you. Even with the deck in motion, you can comfortably place your feet on these rails. The space to stand on isn’t massive, so keep that in mind. It’s not designed for elaborate dance moves, but it offers a secure platform for your walking and light jogging sessions. Moving this treadmill around is pretty smooth. When you fold it up, you have two small wheels to help you out. On a solid, hard floor, it moves pretty easily. However, if you have plush carpets or rubber mats underfoot, the mobility might not be as smooth. It’s a bit like trying to move a heavy piece of luggage on a soft surface; it takes a little more effort. When you’re folding or unfolding the KingSmith WalkingPad Treadmill X21, there’s also a handle to make it easier for you.

The KingSmith WalkingPad X21 Console

You’ll find the console on the single handle that connects the two upright parts of the treadmill. And here’s something to note: when you fold the treadmill, the console and the upright parts stay together in the same position. They don’t get adjusted or flattened out. The console itself is an LED screen. You’ll spot it right on the horizontal handle. This screen is where you’ll get all the info you need about your workout, like your speed, how long you’ve been at it, the calories you’ve burned, and the distance you’ve covered.

Right in the center, there’s a dial. This feature helps you adjust the treadmill. Push it down and twist it to change how fast the treadmill belt moves. It’s pretty user-friendly, so you won’t have trouble figuring it out. Essentially, the good stuff you need is right there on this console. And there are a couple of extra things worth mentioning.

You also have a removable rack where you can put your devices like your phone or tablet. This means you can watch your favorite shows or do whatever you like while you’re working out. And since the KingSmith WalkingPad X21 is compact, you can even put your device on it in front of your TV for a bigger screen experience. Plus, for added safety, there’s a key that you can clip to your clothes. This key makes sure that the treadmill stops if you happen to step off suddenly.

X21 Clip
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The X21 App

With the KS Fit app, you can change various settings and keep tabs on your progress. And to get it, simply check the treadmill manual for a QR code, Scan that code, and viola, it takes you to where to download the app.

Now, this app connects to the KingSmith WalkingPad Treadmill X21 using Bluetooth. That means you can do things like start or stop the treadmill, or even change how fast the belt is moving, all from your phone. And hey, while you’re at it, you’ll see your pace, average speed, and how many steps you’ve taken right on the app.

If you’re thinking about how fast or slow the belt should go, don’t worry, you have control over that too. You can set the speed to go super slow or a bit faster, depending on what feels good for you. And there’s even a child-lock feature on the app. That way, you can lock the belt and ensure that no one tampers with the treadmill or its settings by accident.

But wait, there’s more. The app isn’t just about the here and now. It lets you look back at your previous workouts. You can see what you’ve done before, how far you walked, how fast you went, and all that jazz. It’s like having a record of your progress right at your fingertips.

Technical Specifications of the KingSmith WalkingPad X21

The full specifications of this machine are shown below.

WalkingPad X21 Specifications
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In Closing

The KingSmith WalkingPad Treadmill X21 is a space-saving gem that fits snugly into small homes and upper-floor living situations. It’s designed for light jogging and walking, making it a reliable companion for your daily exercise routine. With its compact size, it’s great for anyone who needs a simple way to stay active without a fuss.

The KS Fit app adds a touch of tech-savviness, allowing you to control the treadmill from your phone and keep track of your progress. You’ll get real-time feedback on your pace, average speed, and step count, making your workouts more engaging and informed.

While the side rails on the KingSmith WalkingPad X21 are a bit narrow, they still provide a secure platform for your movements. And when it comes to moving the treadmill, the small wheels and handle make it easier to transport and store.

However, it’s important to note that the KingSmith WalkingPad X21 isn’t built for heavy use or intense running sessions. It doesn’t offer incline features and might not be suitable for those seeking a broad stride.

With a fair price and free shipping, the KingSmith WalkingPad Treadmill X21 offers a space-efficient fitness solution that won’t break the bank. With 14 days of price protection and a 30-day return policy, you have the flexibility to explore its benefits and see if it’s the right fit for your fitness journey.

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